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Corporate Breathwork

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Be the Best!

Become the company that people want to work for. Globally there is a massive shift in creating a company culture that is conducive to improving the employee’s well-being, both mentally and physically.

Corporate Breathwork enables your staff to become stress resilient, focused, and energised.

Helping leaders to develop stronger interpersonal relationships, creating an office culture that is communicative, visionary, and enthusiastic.

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Desktop Packages

Blissful start Monday

Midweek Balance

wind-down friday


Private Breathwork



Private Breathwork

Get individual attention during a one-to-one session

Or get a group of friends together for a different experience.

Sessions are done in person or online via Zoom.

Each session is designed around your wellness expectation.


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Private Breathwork

In-person or online

Enjoy individual attention as you embark on your breathwork journey.

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Upcoming events

Breathwork & Nutrition

18 May '23

19h30 (GMT+2) Online


20 May '23

11h30 (GMT+2) Online


stress resilient


less brain fog

better sleep

strengthened immune

normalised blood pressure

optimised brain-gut connection

Learn how to get your body and mind into balance using quantifiable and test-based tools and products.

complimentary breath session

Complimentary Breath Session

Next Session:

3 February 2023

08h00 -08h30 (GMT +2)

Online via Zoom

Learn how to use your breath to release tension from the body, and calm the mind.

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Charity Drive

Mayura Life had the pleasure of facilitating a breathwork class for the incredible and caring staff at the Cradle of Hope.

A safe haven and place of empowerment for destitute, vulnerable and abused women – most often the victims of domestic violence, sexual trauma or human trafficking.

Too often the staff forget to take care of themselves, so Mayura Life shared some techniques that will help them to relax during particularly stressful days.            

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Charity Drive
yoga retreat


Due to popular demand, we are busy working on organising a meditation retreat.

Close to Johannesburg, we will spend a day submersing in meditation, breathwork and gentle movement.

Spend a night, or just come for the day.

A handpicked selection of vendors will be on site. Healthy and delicious foods will be on offer.

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