breathe your way to calm

Be the best version of yourself

One step at a time, no matter how big or small leads to positive changes in your life.

Mayura Life started in 2020 with the goal to help people live a kinder life towards themselves and their environment.

It is a journey that we are on, let’s start living it!

What we are all about

How we breathe affects so much of how we live.

If we can learn how to control our breath and use it to our advantage, why don’t we?

It’s free to breathe, it is the single constant in our lives.

So let us show you how to use your breath to improve your lifestyle. 

We offer online corporate and individual packages.

Yoga Classes

We have four options of yoga classes available, each designed to fit your needs and schedule.

  • Online Desktop Yoga to corporates and individuals,
  • A Beginners Online Yoga class for individuals who are new to yoga, 
  • An Intermediate Online Yoga class,
  • Weekend Group Yoga classes done outside in the sunshine.

Sustainable Clothing

Watch this space as we are developing an eco-friendly Yoga Lifestyle clothing brand.

Design inspiration is being drawn from our beautiful country South Africa combined with the amazing technology being used to develop materials. 

All fabrics are going to be recycled or sustainable.

Yoga Retreats

Let’s escape the city life for a few days and re-align ourselves.

We offer a variety of retreats that range from a beginners yoga escape, trail run & yoga adventures to peaceful meditative retreats.

All within a short drive of Johannesburg.