Our Story

How we came to be

Mayura Life recognizes that people are desperately looking for ways to escape their stressful lifestyles.

Driven by her passion for yoga, Tammy completed a 3-month Yoga Teaching Training course in Rishikesh, India, in 2019. It was here that she learned about the incredible effects of Breathwork or Pranayama as they call it in Yogi terms.
Upon returning to South Africa, she completed the Dan Brule Breathwork fundamentals course, gaining extensive and invaluable knowledge.

Mayura Life was created to share this discipline of Yoga and Breathwork. Developing a simple and effective program that offers corporates and private clients a way to escape during the day.

We understand that time is precious, so this program includes short and impactful live online breathwork exercises, yoga sessions, and meditations.
All disciplines will leave you feeling re-energized, more grounded, and clearheaded. The results are amazing!

To complement the services that Mayura Life has to offer, Tammy is in the process of developing a unique yoga lifestyle clothing range – 80% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Meet your instructor

yoga instructor

All Breathwork and Yoga sessions are conducted by Tammy in real-time

Breathwork Dan Brule Certication
Breathwork Africa Certificate