The first class is free!

Thereafter, with our pricing, you can choose to purchase a single drop-in class if you just want to drop in every now and then.

Or you can sign up for one of the monthly packages.

If you love what’s on offer, you may want to sign up for the unlimited month option.

breathwork and yoga

There is something for everyone, whether you are very new to Yoga or you have some experience and wish to continue.

Or if you are looking to find some balance in your life with breathwork. 

Individual Pricing

Drop-in Yoga Class


Your first class is 100% free, thereafter if you just want to pop in every now and then, this one is for you.

monthly Yoga

1 class per week


You can choose to attend the basics, intermediate or park yoga, once a week.

monthly yoga

2 classes per week


You can choose to attend the basics, intermediate or park yoga, twice a week.

Unlimited yoga month


This will give you access to attend basics, intermediate and park yoga, as often as you like throughout the month.

individual Desktop Package


Per Month

This is the combination of meditation/ breathwork and desktop yoga.

Designed to keep you mentally and physically fit throughout Tuesday and Thursday.

Should you miss a session, they are all recorded and made available to you for 7 days.

Private Breathwork


A private one to one breathwork 60-minute session.

Where we will first practice the fundamentals of breathwork, and discuss how they can be incorporated into your daily life.

Further classes will help solidify your breath intelligence.

Classes are conducted online, or in studio.

Private Yoga


A private one to one 60-minute yoga class

Tammy will help you personally with achieving your yoga goals.

You will receive individual attention to ensure that you are aligning properly with each pose.

Classes are designed according to your goals.

Classes are conducted online, or in studio.

Corporate Pricing

R1800 - R3500 monthly

A monthly package, where we go online every Tuesday and Thursday.

07h45  |  11h30  |  15h40

This package has been designed to meet your daily needs in the corporate environment, whether that be a home office or inside your workplace.

The morning session is a 10-minute breathing meditative session to help your mind prepare for the day in a calm and clear way.

Lunchtime is a 15-minute destress and re-energising series of breathing exercises.

The afternoon session is a 20-minute desktop yoga class to help you realign your body after a long day.

All of the sessions are recorded and made available to you for 7 days.

30 minute sessions

R1800 - R5000 monthly

30-minute sessions via Zoom

Designed for the corporate environment.

Choose between the Blissful start Monday, Midweek balance or the Wind-down Friday.

Each session includes a combination of breathwork, meditation and gentle movement.

You can do these sessions at your desk or on a yoga mat.

If you are interested in this as an individual, please sign up for a private breathwork session.