What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the conscious control of one’s breath. While we breathe unconsciously throughout the day, it is only when we pay attention to this simple act that it becomes known as Breathwork.

Through the ages, many cultures have understood and practised breath control as a medium to improve their health. With the rise of modern medicine, Breathwork has become known as an alternative form of healing.

What you may not know is that suboptimal breathing habits are the underlying cause of many of today’s chronic ailments.

Why Practice?

At Mayura Life, our aim is to remind the body what it feels like to breathe optimally. By facilitating breathwork sessions that contain a variety of curated techniques to reteach your body’s mechanisms.

By understanding that breath is the link between body and mind, we can consciously adapt our breath to alter our mental, psychological, emotional, and physiological state.

We can return to a place of authentic energy. A space where we can relax and heal without the need for medicating. A place where health, performance, creativity, focus, and memory are part of our unique physiology.

It has been scientifically proven that with just 5 minutes of conscious breathing, you can activate and balance your autonomic nervous system, delivering immediate results.

With continued breathwork practice, our breathing pattern will automatically adapt to the situation at hand. This is known as Breathe Intelligence.

Breathwork everyday

Follow the link to find short videos that can be included in your daily routine, simple and easy to do techniques that can assist with mental, physical and performance challenges.