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Choose from our corporate breathwork packages below

Desktop Packages

Blissful start Monday

Midweek Balance

wind-down friday


Corporate Desktop Package

Starting from R1800

This monthly package consists of 10 – 20 Minute guided exercises, presented online during the course of a Tuesday and Thursday.

Each unique session has been designed to enhance your day, enabling you to face the daily challenges with ease.

Summarised as follows;

  • 07h45 – 07h55: Meditative breath exercise to create balance and calm, ensuring focus for the morning ahead.
  • 11h30 – 11h45: De-stress, re-energize and refocus breathing exercises.
  • 15h40 – 16h00: Desktop yoga to re-align the body after a long day of poor posture.

The sessions are done at your desk. All live sessions are recorded and made available to you for 7 days.

Corporate or individual package (monthly contract)

Blissful start monday

Blissful Start Monday

30-Minutes online via Zoom.
START YOUR WEEK with a combination of meditation, breathing techniques and gentle stretches. This combination will enable you to begin your week in a profoundly calm way. You will be more focused and energised. Ready to tackle any challenges that arise with a sense of ease. You can do this session at your desk or on a yoga mat.
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Mid week balance

Midweek balance

30-Minutes online via Zoom.
MIDWEEK SLUMP? A selection of breathing techniques combined into simple and easy to follow sessions that will help you destress, refocus and re-energise. Combine this with gentle stretches to get the blood circulating. All of which will leave you feeling more grounded and able to continue your week with a renewed sense of purpose. You can do this session at your desk or on a yoga mat.
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Friday wind-down

Wind-down Friday

30-Minutes online via Zoom.
STRUGGLING to wind down at the end of the week? By simply using our breath in various ways, we can remind our bodies how to relax. Combine this with some gentle movements our body will be able to maximise the rest and digest state over the weekend. You can do this session at your desk or on a yoga mat.
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Corporate Wellness Day

Tailor-made for your next event

Is your company hosting a wellness day?

Would you like to introduce your team to the world of Breathwork or Yoga?

We can create a combination of the following;

  • Presentation on the benefits of Breathwork.
  • Guided Breathwork session to match your companies ethos.
  • A Yoga Basics class to help stretch out your team.

Our wellness events can run from 30-minutes to 3hours.

Contact us today to create a blissful wellness experience for your employees.

If you have any other ideas that you would like to incorporate into your companies wellness solution, please do not hesitate to contact Tammy directly on +27 82 306 0334

Customer Feedback

Shannon. B
Shannon. B
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I was lucky enough that my previous employer hired Tammy at Mayura Life to do some breath work classes 3 times a week remotely via Teams. Tammy is very professional and explains the purpose of each exercise very well. I always felt re-centered, energized and ready for the rest of the day after her sessions. You wouldn't think such a quick session would make a difference but it really does. Thank you Tammy for teaching me why Breath work is so important, especially during these very hard times.
Jani. F
Jani. F
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What an amazing and transformative experience. Since starting the breathing sessions with Tammy, offered through my employer, not only have I become more calm and relaxed but energised and focussed. I look forward to these sessions so much as I benefit both in my work and personal environment. These sessions really allow you to confidently use breathing techniques to use throughout the day. It helps you cope with the day to day stresses of life as well as boosts your overall mood and positivity. I have seen such an improvement in my life. Will surely continue!
Clockwork Media
Clockwork Media
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Survey results; I felt much more relaxed. Chilled. Relaxed and energised. Calmer, more focussed. I felt relaxed and ready to get the day started.
Thabang. M
Thabang. M
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Thank you for taking your time to do the sessions with us - I took breathing for granted as it is natural occurrence but your conscious breathing exercises are very helpful for gaining energy awareness, truly.
Samantha. M
Samantha. M
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Tammy's yoga class was recommended to me by a friend and I was hooked after the first class! The yoga classes are exciting and interesting because each class is different and very welcomed challenge to the mind and body.😀 I recommended Tammy for my company's Wellbeing Week where Tammy guided us through meditation, breath-work and some desktop yoga. Even though the sessions were short, attendees left the session feeling more grounded, energised and a clear mind. Tammy is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about her disciplines, and takes the the time to explain each exercise.