We all have to do our bit.

No matter how small.

It is possible to make a difference.

our small part

Mayura Life’s yoga lifestyle clothing brand is currently 70% eco-friendly and sustainable.

While we are trying to become 100% eco-friendly, we do still have some materials in storage that we do not wish to fill land dumps with.

We are 100% transparent on which items are sustainable and which are not.

All items are manufactured in South Africa in ethical factories.

What else?

Paper scraps leftover from pattern making is sent for recycling.

Off-cuts of fabric are used to stuff our Yoga bolsters.

We are trying our hand at natural fabric dyes, please look out for these items in our store.

Our packaging is made from 100% recyclable products, and we hope that you will do your bit and send our packaging to be recycled.


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Bamboo grows to its full height in just 3-4 months.

No pesticides or chemicals are needed during its growth period.

Bamboo fabric has amazing heat regulation properties, it’s hypoallergenic, protects us against UV radiation. Its crease and sweat resistant.

Best of all it is super soft and luxurious.

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Hemp does not need any pesticides or chemicals during its growth period. It also replenishes the soil quality.

Hemp needs less space than most other crops to yield a large crop and therefore less water.

Hemp is biodegradable.

Hemp has a natural antimicrobial agent, offers UV protection and is odour resistant.



recycled fabric

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is made using plastic waste that is collected from our planet, including our ocean.

Combined with polyester, recycled PET creates a gorgeous stretch fabric that is reliable and durable.

We love it for our leggings and bralets.