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I got so excited about the importance of breathwork that I dived right into the science and benefits before letting you know how this journey began.

So this article is all about my journey and how Mayura Life came to be in 2020.  

Super yacht days

A little back story about myself; I come from a fashion design background, something I spent 17 years actively doing and enjoying. I was passionate about creating gorgeous garments that made the wearer feel sensational. So when this passion started dissipating, I was lost- fashion was what I had wanted to do my whole life!!!

So I joined the super yacht world, where I planned to work for five years while I figured out what I wanted to do next. (Another whole story about this, but I don’t want to bore you with the details)

Rishikesh, India

This industry afforded me the time and funds to travel to India in 2019 to study yoga. Something that I had always enjoyed doing and something that I could picture myself teaching ONE day.

One of the many subjects that form part of the curriculum is Pranayama, which loosely translates to the control of breath. I was not wild about this subject at the time, but I attended every class and learned the techniques. Blissfully unaware that this was the beginning of my new passion.

I had signed up for two courses, and during my second course, I experienced the benefit of these techniques. Instead of studying them, I practised them. After an hour session, I felt and understood the benefits of breathing techniques. 

There was a separate occasion when I joined a meditation called Ananda Mandala, a rhythmical breathing meditation. It was this moment that got me hooked!!!!

I had never felt so relaxed, at peace, and free of fear, anxiety, and worry.

I needed to know more. I needed to understand the science of how breath was able to do this.

When I returned to SA, I dove head first into researching breath.

A whole new world opened up to me!

I remember very clearly, in January 2020, thinking that people needed to know about this! More specifically, people who were stressed out! 

Just before COVID hit SA, when Corona was still just a Mexican beer, I was conceptualising how I could get breathwork into the corporate space to the people who, at that time, I thought needed it the most. However, I was still keen to return to yachting as I had originally planned.

I guess you could say that COVID made that decision for me.

I enrolled in my first breathwork course with Dan Brulé, and after this, I enrolled in Breathwork Africa’s foundational course to qualify for the practitioner course. 

I’m sure that I will continue to do many more courses over the coming years.

You see, there is so much information about the breath and the endless ways that we can use our breath to shift our mental and physical states. Never mind the ongoing research that continues to show the magic of our body and how everything is connected to our breath. 

My vision for Mayura Life started with the desire to help people learn simple yet effective breathing techniques to counteract their stress levels and to find an accessible place of calm and stillness within body and mind. 

While this remains the core of Mayura Life, the breath is capable of so much more.

Optimal breathing is a result of functional breathing, breathing the way that we did when we were babies before life got hectic and stress changed our natural breathing pattern.

Functional breathing results in improved immunity, improved digestion, and improved lymphatic system. Provided we supply the body with the correct nutrients (an article to follow) our improved gut health, with breath sends happy signals to the brain, which then improves our mental well-being now and for the future.

It is so simple, yet simply forgotten.

Breathwork not only aids us in living optimally, but learning the correct techniques within breathwork helps us to improve our sports performance, and sleep better. It can even help us to release and integrate trapped trauma, enabling us to reach our full potential without any preconceived judgmental thoughts.

I have had the honour of helping many people already become aware of their breath, and I am continually inspired to keep spreading this information.

I feel blessed to have found my new passion, to help people realise that their breath is the source of well-being. You get your breath right, everything else falls into place.

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